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I dare the President to publicly declare whether or not he supports DP Ruto- Wiliiam Kabogo.

William Kabogo

After the historic handshake between President Uhuru and Raila Odinga, there has been a lot of questions about whether or not the President is supporting William Ruto’s Presidential bid come 2022.

People have been arguing that since he is a lot more close to Raila Odinga that he will not support his Deputy President. This has even caused a division between top politicians.

Former Kiambu Governor WilliamKabogo has come out to ask the president to publicly declare to the state whether or not he supports his Deputy William Ruto.

“There is no day I have had a conversation with the president and he mentioned to me that he does not support Ruto. However, if he wants to say, I challenge him to make the remarks whilst it is still early. For how long shall he wait?”

He went on to say,

“Do not just sit down and assume the promise will give you the seat. Go out there and look for it. Kenyans are the one who will elect the person they want to lead them. The only reason that they will have to rally behind you is by ensuring they are living a decent life,”

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