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Gema Accuses Ruto of Betraying Them!

Gema Fallout With Ruto

A number of Mt. Kenya Region leaders have accused Deputy President William Ruto of abandoning them at a time when they needed him most.

Deputy President William Ruto was one among the leaders who were opposed to the Revenue allocation bill which failed to pass at the senate after 25 senators voted No and 22 voted Yes.

The bill is said to have benefited counties like Kiambu, Nakuru, Muranga, Kirinyaga, Nyeri, Laikipia, Nairobi, and Nyandarua which are mostly occupied by members of the Gikuyu, Embu, and Meru (GEMA) communities.

Rejection of the motion by Deputy President William Ruto and his allies has infuriated the Gema leaders, some going to an extent of calling him their enemy.

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Here is what some Gema community leaders had to say:

“What will Ruto tell the people of Mt Kenya after he ensured the formula which could favor the region in sharing revenue couldn’t pass?” Wanja Mkosi asked.

If there’s a community Ruto hates with all his heart is the Agikùyù community. He wants them to remain ‘hustlers’ by all means. Economically Ruto wants to suppress the Mt. Kenya region and any Kikuyu wherever they may be in the country,’” Matigari ma Jirungi wrote

By declining to give his stand in the Division of Revenue Bill, Ruto revealed his true face. The GEMA has the biggest populations in voting size but are discriminated against when it comes to revenue allocation,”’ Mzalendo Mzalendo wrote

Do you think Ruto’s reasons to reject the CRA formula were good enough?


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