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Is President Uhuru Kenyatta Working Secretly With His Deputy Ruto?

Roselyn Akombe spills the beans

Ex-IEBC commissioner Dr. Roselyn Akombe has spilled the beans about the strained relationship between president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy Wiliam Ruto.

According to the vocal Akombe, the two are tricking Kenyans with their “strained” relationship so as to divert attention from their failed presidency.

Akombe was replying to a tweet by one @ndukoomatigere where she agreed that the duo was using the ‘military deception” to fool kenyans.

“MILDEC (military deception) is what the #Uhuruto duo adopted to deflect public rage away from their failed presidency. They knew you were about to revolt so they created a fog of war (#BBI and Tangatanga) to disorient you as they consolidate their advantage. It’s psychological operations at work,” Nduko wrote.


Akombe went ahead and added that the Building Bridges Intiative(BBI) and the Hustler nation narrative were part of the conspiracy created by the deep state which is comprised of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his principal assistant.

Akombe resigned from IEBC when Kenya was at a crisis after the 2017 presidential elections wee nullifed by the supreme court.

She later landed a senior role at the united Nations department of political affairs where she is currently working as the chief of policy planning and guidance.

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