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NTSA comes to the rescue of Motorists.

As we all know, Kenyan traffic police have been keeping motorists on their toes the past few weeks for riding without their driving licences.

The NTSA however, has come to the rescue of the motorist saying that it is not an offence for them to go out without their driving licences.

“Section 36 (2) of the Traffic Act allows motorists to produce other evidence to satisfy the police that the motorist is duly licensed as per the requirements of Section 30,” the Authority said.

“To this end, NTSA has developed an application that enables one to verify the status of any driving license and this can be used as evidence that a motorist is duly licensed,” the Authority stated.

“Section 55 of the Traffic Rules is clear that only PSVs are required to carry fire extinguishers and first aid kits. Private vehicles are only required to have lifesavers,” NTSA noted.

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