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Please can you stop this madness with the matatus first then we’ll discuss other development later, angry Kenyans.

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko was live on Facebook addressing a project that he has been working on, its the movement my waste my responsibility where Kenyans get to learn how to keep the city clean by maintaining their waste.

He said,

” Many of you will recall that when I campaigned to be your Governor, I promised to improve service delivery in Nairobi and make it better. Under the slogan ‘taka langu, jukumu langu’, loosely translating to My Waste My Responsibility, its an ambitious environmental journey that has become a permanent feature in our cities calendar, consequently we have received a massive support from Nairobians of all walks-of-life, to make Nairobi livable cleaner and greener, this has been the trend in all 85 wards of Nairobi County


Given that the governor was the one who initiated this rule that has seen Kenyans walking to work today after all matatus were banned in the city, Kenyans are not pleased.

They are asking the Governor to deal with what he started first, then he can address other projects.

A lady on Mike sonko’s Facebook page comment section went on to say,

Good afternoon Governor, we appreciate your commitment towards service delivery in Nairobi. Please intervene in the water crisis in langata estate. We have Onyonka, Civil servants and many other areas that have experienced a chronic water shortage and buying from the bowsers is the order of the day. Our complaints to the leadership of Nairobi Water has fallen on deaf ears. Please intervene

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