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Ruto: I Was Isolated, I am Just a Spectator

Ruto’s  Team Speaks Up

Reports that Deputy President William Ruto has been isolated from the government and cut from President Uhuru Kenyatta’s inner circle have prompted his spokesperson Emmanuel Talam to speak up.

According to the reports, President Uhuru had taken away from Ruto the powers to launch projects and also purged a lot of his allies in the government.

Earlier on, Uhuru in an executive order scrapped off the office of the deputy president.

Ruto’s spokesperson acknowledged that the deputy president was just a spectator and had taken a step back from everything that was happening.

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“It is so true. On the demolition of houses for slum dwellers, loss of business by traders, looting of Covid-19 funds and police brutality, William Ruto is a spectator. He won’t join the system on that,” Talam tweeted.

On Tuesday, Ruto spoke on police brutality after three senators were arrested ahead of a senate seating. He criticized the use of investigative agencies to criticize individuals.

Talam went ahead and defended the deputy President from accusations that he was fighting his won government.

“The DP has said he is the Deputy President. This cannot be in doubt. It is up to those who have that impression that he is not to explain how that is so. It is unfair to shift the burden of proof to him when he is firmly in office and executing his mandate,” Talam stated.

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