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Taita Taveta Governor Turns Down Government Offer To Build him a palatial residence.

Taita Taveta governor Granton Samboji has shocked many after turning down a proposal by the county assembly to build him and his deputy a residence amounting to 85 million Kenyan shillings.

The governor has rejected this offer strongly saying that it is of no benefits to the residents of Taita taveta.

This rare man has said that county governments are the leading perpetrators of public funds in Kenya.

“The construction of my residence is not among my development priorities. We have a lot of important issues which need to be given priority. The money could be used to the bursary kitty to ensure well-performing students from poor families continue with education,” Samboja said.

He went on to say building a resident is not top of his priority since that money could be used as a bursary for kids from poor families who can not pay for their fees.

“The assembly is aware a residence is not an urgent need for me. Increased access to education through bursaries and scholarships are my priorities and those funds could be channeled there. It is illogical and insensitive for me and my deputy to live in palatial homes when many poor kids cannot continue with education,” explained Samboja.

“The number of students is increasing and our pledge was to ensure all of them are kept in school,” said Samboja.

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