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(VIDEO) Gathoni wa Muchomba and Waititu conflict about giving addicts cash!


There was a graduation yesterday at the Mama Care Rehabilitation Centre. As we all remember him, the Githeri man was among the 77 people who managed to finish the 9-month programme. Topmost politicians of the country were in attendance among them the president of the republic of Kenya. The people graduating actualy had the honour of receiving their certificates from the president himself.

Other leaders present included Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu and the woman rep of the place Gathoni wa Muchomba. Gathoni is the initiator of this project and the president commended her saying this is a good project that should be emulated countrywide.

However, the governor and the woman rep has a bit of a clash after Gathoni during her speech said that giving the people cash just increases addiction cases. She was trying to say that Waititu should stop giving cash to members of his county because it only increases addiction and instead he should help them get help by enrolling them in Rehab centres.

Waititu was not so happy with her words. When his time came to speak he started by saying that they should stop treating people as addicts but instead treat them as voters who enabled all of them to be in the seats they are in today. He went on to say that taking people who already have families to rehab centres does more harm than good to their families.

Watch the video.

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