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Wachana na IEBC. Ruto tells Raila

Ruto tells Raila to leave IEBC alone

Deputy president William Ruto has responded to claims by former prime minister Raila Odinga that IEBC can conduct a referendum worth 2B.

IEBC produced a statement claiming that the IEBC would cost 14B tax payers money, a figure that Raila has said is outrageous.

Today, Ruto has asked leaders to leave the IEBC alone.

“Leave IEBC alone because even the previous referendum cost us about Sh10 billion with 12 million voters. How do you then expect to spend Sh2 billion on a referendum with 19 million voters?

“This cannot happen! Kwa hivyo mtu wa kitendawili awache kutuhadaa. He(Raila) is not a professional in election matters and with his brigade they should not bring disrespect to the constitution.” he said

Ruto went ahead and said that people should leave and respect IEBC since even if Raila’s brother was to be put as the IEBC chair, it is Kenyans who would determine who their next president would be.

“Whoever the chairman will be it will not matter and this they should take it to the bank,” he said when he spoke at General Kago stadium in Kangema, Murang’a county.

He had gone to Kangema, Murang’a for a bodaboda empowerment programme.

During his speech, Ruto said that he was glad that his hustler movement was changing the narrative.

“It is my joy that through this movement we are going to change the narrative. It has always been the rich against the poor where they want to create positions for themselves but going forward we must bring boda boda, wheelbarrow and mkokoteni in that debate,” he said.

“Those speaking ill about me let them be reminded that I know what I am doing…I am not a fool or a drunkard, the BBI debate must go hand in hand with our big four agenda,” he said.




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