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Wambugu Nyamu Ranked Top Nyeri Politician By Mizani Africa

Online Poll Ranks Wambugu Nyamu As Top Nyeri Politician

A recent Online poll conducted by Mizani Africa has ranked Wambugu Nyamu top. According to the poll, if an election was to be held today, Nyeri electorates would vote in Wambugu Nyamu for the Senatorial position.

Wambugu Nyamu who is a businessman, politician, and philanthropist has been at the forefront fighting for the rights of Nyeri people, which explains why he has been ranked top.

The Democratic Party Deputy Sec. Gen was at the lead in pushing for coffee regulations 2019. He also pushed for tea regulations 2020.

Last year, Wambugu Nyamu dedicated himself to solely fight Kenya Tea Development Agency(KTDA) cartels, a battle he emerged a winner, putting a smile to many tea farmers in Nyeri County.

Wambugu is also a strong advocate for Youth Empowerment and has mentored a lot of young people in the county, some who are now serving in the county assembly. He is also well known for supporting local and upcoming talents.

The Nyeri based businessman has also created employment for over 100  young people in the county.

He also promotes the Kikuyu Culture and Traditions and has actually set aside part of his land for ‘‘Mathingira Ma Mahiga Matatu” Where training on Kikuyu Culture takes place. He is also the brain behind the setting up of the Agikuyu shrine and prayer center at Mt.Kenya.

Wambugu was very instrumental during the issuance of title deeds in the colonial villages in Nyeri. He is actually the one who made it possible for them to get their title deeds.

Wambugu Nyamu feeding Street children in Nyeri town

During these COVID 19 tough times, the Nyeri Politician has been feeding and giving face masks to street children and slums people in Nyeri town.

The online poll conducted by Mizani Africa in all the eight constituencies ranked him top with a 71.6%(Othaya), 67%(Kieni), 58%(Mathira) and 57.2%(Tetu)

Othaya Constituency polls
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