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We Can’t Believe Murathe. He is a Betrayer!

Luos Reject Murathe’s Endorsement

Luo residents have asked former Gatanga Member of parliament to stop the habit of endorsing former prime minister Raila Odinga on Television.

They instead asked him to go on the ground and start campaigning for him.

On Saturday, Murathe urged Kenyans to vote Raila for Presidency arguing that he has struggled enough for the country.

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Kisumu Residents Voice Association chairman Audi Ogada has however asked Murathe to start selling Raila to Mt.Kenya people on the ground.

According to Ogada, a mere endorsement cannot get Raila to the statehouse.

“We will treat Murathe’s remarks as true should he begin meeting the Mt Kenya mafia who make decisions on behalf of the Central Kenya people,” he added.

Opiyo called on Raila to chart his own political course and bank his hopes on the Kenyan majority should he want to be President.

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